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Koka is a function-oriented strongly typed language that separates pure values from side-effecting computations.
(The word 'Koka' (or 効果) means 'effect' or 'effective' in Japanese)

Koka has many features that help programmers to easily change their data types and code organization correctly even in large-scale programs, while having a small strongly-typed language core with a familiar JavaScript like syntax.

Try it

Build and run it

First install some pre-requisites:
  • Install TortoiseHg for mercurial version control.
  • Install the Haskell Platform to build the compiler (version 7.4 or later).
  • Install Node for running Koka programs (version 0.10 or later).
  • We recommend the excellent SublimeText text editor for developing Koka programs.
Then get the compiler and libraries, and build them:
  • hg clone (clone the Koka sources)
  • cd koka (go to the new Koka directory)
  • npm install (install needed Node libraries)
  • jake (build the compiler and run the Koka interactive environment)
See the readme for an example session in the interactive environment.

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