Absolute paths do not work with -i option


Running koka -i/absolute/path/to/lib does not work, apparently the first slash gets stripped along with some normalization process.

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requisitebits wrote May 13 at 10:40 PM

The attached patch fixes the problem for me in Linux. It replaces the existing joinPaths implementation with some portable functions provided by System.FilePath.

I haven't tested it on macOS or Windows, and I haven't verified it doesn't break other use cases of joinPaths.

I ran into this while making a nix package for Koka. I could include this patch with the package, but it would be better if it was fixed here.

requisitebits wrote May 14 at 10:45 PM

Please disregard that last patch. Although it allows Koka to start, any subsequent commands fail. The bug, in any case, is related to the existing joinPath semantics.

I have since found the repository on GitHub, and a comment in issue #4 proposes a fix.